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Getting It Wright on Jeremiah Wright

Many people have discussed the words of Jeremiah Wright and their correlation with Senator Barack Obama. We analyze the facts here, and present the results.

Reverend Jeramiah Wright is a black preacher for Trinity United Church of Christ. He has said some possibly inflammatory, strong-worded things in his sermons. He has said "God-damn america" and things like that - but these comments must be analyzed in context. He was speaking of racial oppression and how the government has done little to help the African American community and "Then expects us to sing God Bless America." No one race, religion, gender, etc who is ignored by their government is going to be that happy.

Today's biggest problems are often those that are least reported on by the media, while little non-issues are blown out of proportion to sell news and generate stories. These remarks have had nothing to do with Obama himself or his candidacy, and yet are still talked about by Fox News as though they are a big deal.

Barack Obama Facts
Fun Facts | Wright | Obama Bitter
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